Centre for Optimal Planning and Operations
Analytics and Decision Support for Infrastructure, Transport, and Logistics

These are the unofficial pages for the Centre for Optimal Planning and Operations (C-OPT). The largely out of date official pages can be found here.

About C-OPT

Founded in 2012, the Centre for Optimal Planning and Operations (C-OPT) brings together researchers with expertise and experience in using quantitative methods to develop innovative, customised solutions that help businesses streamline their processes and enhance their decision making, to reduce costs, increase productivity, and positively impact their triple bottom line.

Current Members
Acting Director John O'Connor <john.oconnor@newcastle.edu.au> Physics Building P124, ext. 15439
Professor Regina Berretta <regina.berretta@newcastle.edu.au> Engineering Science Building ES229, ext. 18975
Lecturer Ali Eshragh <ali.eshragh@newcastle.edu.au> Room V239, ext. 15521
Associate Professor Peter Howley <peter.howley@newcastle.edu.au> Room V226, ext. 15518
Senior Lecturer Thomas Kalinowski <thomas.kalinowski@newcastle.edu.au> Room VG32, ext. 16558
Senior Lecturer Alexandre Mendes <alexandre.mendes@newcastle.edu.au> Engineering Science Building ES249, ext. 16173
Professor Rick Middleton <richard.middleton@newcastle.edu.au> Engineering A Building EAG03, ext. 16488
Research Fellow Saman Eskandarzadeh <saman.eskandarzadeh@newcastle.edu.au> Room VG30, ext. 15534
Research Fellow Mojtaba Heydar <mojtaba.heydar@newcastle.edu.au> Room VG28, ext. 16482
Research Fellow Jason Matthews <jason.matthews@newcastle.edu.au> Room VG30, ext. 15534
Senior Research Fellow Hamish Waterer <hamish.waterer@newcastle.edu.au> Room VG33, ext. 15951
PhD Student Mahdi Abolghasemi <mahdi.abolghasemi@uon.edu.au> Room VG22
PhD Student Parisa Charkhgard <parisa.charkhgard@uon.edu.au> Room V213, ext. 61326
PhD Student Rasul Esmaeilbeigi <rasul.esmaeilbeigi@uon.edu.au> Room VG22
PhD Student Farshid Evazabadian <farshid.evazabadian@uon.edu.au> Room VG22
PhD Student Sogol Mohammadian <sogol.mohammadian@uon.edu.au> Room V213, ext. 61326
PhD Student Hung Nguyen Khanh <hung.nguyenkhanh@uon.edu.au> Room VG22
PhD Student Parichehr Paam <parichehr.paam@uon.edu.au> Room VG22
PhD Student Fabian Rigterink <fabian.rigterink@uon.edu.au> Room V213, ext. 61326
Conjoint Professor Natashia Boland <natashia.boland@newcastle.edu.au> Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Conjoint Professor Martin Savelsbergh <martin.savelsbergh@newcastle.edu.au> Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

All offices are located in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Mathematics Building V unless otherwise indicated.

Visitors and Past Members
PhD Student Rachel Bunder 2011—August 2017
Visiting Academic Masoud Talebian
Sharif University, Iran
July 2017
Visiting PhD Student Tomas Lidén
Linköping University, Sweden
September 2016—January 2017
Lecturer Masoud Talebian 2009—September 2016
PhD Student Hadi Charkhgard February 2012—February 2016
PhD Student Riley Clement March 2009—December 2015
PhD Student Reena Kapoor August 2011—October 2015
PhD Student Simranjit Kaur August 2011—July 2015
Research Fellow Mateus Rocha de Paula August 2012—June 2015
PhD Student Mohsen Reisi September 2010—March 2015
Acting Director, Conjoint Andreas Ernst August 2014—December 2014
Honours Student Patrick Andersen 2014
Honours Student Andrew Terry 2014
Research Fellow Amir Salehipour September 2013—August 2014
PhD Student James Foster January 2009—August 2014
Co-Director, Professor Natashia Boland 2008—June 2014
Director, Professor Martin Savelsbergh October 2011—June 2014
PhD Student Luke Marshall January—June 2014
PhD Student Alan Lee —June 2014
Administrative Officer Daniel Urquhart —June 2014
Visiting Academic Mike Hewitt
Loyola University Chicago, USA
May 2014
Visiting PhD Student Elias Temponi
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
May 2013—January 2014
PhD Student Sebastian Ruther 2008—August 2013
Visiting Academic Elin Halvorsen-Weare
SINTEF, Norway
February 2013—May 2013
Visiting PhD Student Mahmood Rezaei
Université de Liège, Belgium
March 2013—April 2013
Research Fellow Olivia Smith January 2012—December 2012
Visiting Academic Karen Smilowitz
Northwestern University, USA
January 2012—May 2012
Lecturer Faramroze Engineer July 2009—May 2012
Research Fellow Thomas Kalinowski February 2010—February 2012
Visiting PhD Student Abdolsalam Ghaderi
Research Fellow Damon Gulczynski July 2010—August 2011
Research Fellow Lanbo Zheng March 2010—February 2011